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ditch the logical...let's live in the inbetween [entries|friends|calendar]
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i run a tight ship-so beware... [
Feb 16, 2009 // 11:12 p]
[ mood | energetic ]

i know i haven't updated in just about...umm, forever...but i actually log on quite a bit and keep up to date with all of you guys! promise promise! at any rate, here's an update from my standpoint as of now:

*we just got an awesome house in christina in south lakeland and i'm in LOVE with it and it's ours! i feel so lucky. i finally got something i always wanted-my own swimming pool and a WHOLE house to decorate the way IIIIII want!!! you have NO idea how excited i am. no idea. whatsoever. nada. zip!
*the hubbers and i are at an incredible point in our relationship and it just keeps continually getting better and better. he's my best friend and after everything we've been through together we're still able to sit around like old farts and watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy every night and laugh about all our retarded answers. i love him so much.
*MIGHT be getting a new car. MIGHT.
*totally random and absurd adn swore i'd never say something like this, but i love my dog, lucy. she's amazing and since we've been moving so much she's been one of the only stable things i've got that's stayed around with me. we've said goodbye to friends and a few of doug's dogs and some furniture and houses and jobs...lucy's always been there and even though she's like 75 pounds now, you better believe with all your heart she's still center stage in the bed when we go to sleep at night. she's so smart, too! she gives high 5's on command! for those of you that know me relatively well, i've never been allowed to have 'real pets' so she's super special.
*got a new (sort of) job with geico a while back and am still loving it.
*almost done with the associate's degree, should be graduating at some point this year and then it's on to bachelor's, masters and maybe more...who knows!? definately scheduling getting my designer's license in there somewhere.
*i miss friends. i've been doing so much school and work and moving stuff lately it's rough not having people around to just BE with, you know?
*my new bathtub has a bubble maker in the walls =)

anywho...time to call it a night. tons of homework to do but ehh...i still procrastonate. some things never change =) we're going night-night with the fireplace on tonight. it's florida, i know, but it's so cute.

happy president's day everyone! hope you're all doing well!

love love!

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the piano took up the living room... [
Aug 28, 2008 // 8:57 p]
[ mood | sick ]

sooooo...update time! woo-hoo!

ummm i guess here's a list:
1-rental lease at our house is almost up
2-trying to get our first house-pray!
3-in the honors program and nhs at pcc
4-working at abuelo's...dying for a different job (feel free to let me know if anyone's hiring where you work)
5-doug's up for an awesome position somewhere on tuesday
6-missing military life...a lot
7-my dog's going to be 2 on monday
8-doug got a new jeep
9-we're getting a whole bunch of new furniture
10-started going to a new church
11-had the BEST pizza for dinner
12-i've developed a sick love for tanning
13-we're talking about a possibility of wanting kids soon
14-still want to do interior design
15-have no idea who i'm going to vote for...still
16-i cry about patriotic stuff-a lot more than anyone thinks
17-my 68 year old father in law is talking about snoop dog and i'm eating it up haha

that's really about it =) oh, and i love being an aunt! it's so under rated! everything's going well i'm just always thinking about other stuff so i guess i'm still random =)

love love.

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Apr 29, 2008 // 8:29 p]
i'm home...and brunetter! i missed you lakeland! woo-hoo!
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Apr 11, 2008 // 1:00 p]
i'm moving home april 18....yippie!
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i'm mrs. omg that britney's shameless...you wanna' piece of me... [
Mar 13, 2008 // 4:17 p]
[ mood | chipper ]

hey lakeland...guess who's moving back next month.

this girl!!!

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my hips dont' lie.... [
Oct 22, 2007 // 3:47 p]
great news! we got approved for our house today! 2 story, brand new, fenced in yard, garage, laundry room, office, 2 bedroom, new kitchen and appliances, lanai...im' so happy! move in date november 8. wish me luck!!!
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can't no other ladies put it down like me... [
Sep 29, 2007 // 12:51 a]
[ mood | amused ]

in case anyone was curious...
october 4th i'll have been married for a whole year! and...everything's going great =)ummm...i'm working at texas roadhouse up here in jacksonville, nc as a waitress making crazy good money. we do line dances on the hour, every hour so you can imagine how the atmosphere is there-super fun! we got a new puppy so in addition to our yellow lab lucy, we now have a 3 pound shitzu named trixie, too, and some fish (but they're fairly boring). we moved from a one bedroom to a 2 bedroom apartment and its huge! AND we have...get this...a washer and dryer that's all our own! sounds retarded, but it's so fabulous to have. dougie (the hubby) had his 3rd reconstructive foot surgery in july and is healing pretty well via being spoiled and halo 3 (apparently it cures all)! he's doing much better. we're going fishing tomorrow-i even have my own pink rod and matching tackle box (that i plan to fill with candy...shhh)! we're hoping to come home for thanksgiving lord willing. i miss lakeland so much! i bought a whole bunch of canvas and acrylics and brushes today-i've kinda' been missing art, too. imagine that. im cold now. time to go get a blankie. everyone take care. love ya!

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those friday nite blues get in your shoes and they work to let you down... [
Apr 12, 2007 // 5:09 p]
i wish i had someone to seriuosly sit down and jst talk/vent to. don't offer-no one that uses lj hardly ever talks to me. i almost want to sit down with a fake person and just talk. they dont' even have ot listen i just have so mch going on and on my mind i can't keep it in. i have a husband and a best friend but sometimes i just really hurt. we're coming home for a wedding soon and i don't even want to go because i'm sick of some things and hearing about other things and i'm jealous of some stuff too-i'm never jealous. ever. certain people say things that really cut me down and go deep but when i confront them about it they're never in the wrong-they think. whatever. i'm hurting in so many ways and cry everyday. it's not supposed to be like this. i thought i had a lot of friends but all but 2 of the close ones just stopped talking to me when i moved. sometimes i still call or leave a comment or whatever but never any response. that hurts, too. i'm tired of having pets, too, they're a pain but i can't get rid of them because they were a gift and very expensive. but they've become an obligation it seems. i'm tired of the last $40 of each paycheck going to a certain someone's cigarette and alcohol love. it's sick. i hate it-that's the only thing i hate. but hey-we're never low on beer...only bread and milk and everything else we need. i don't even drink anymore. i used to be so tough and so strong but ir ealized it's the people i had around that made me that way. now there's only 1 person that makes me feel like that and we both work so much we're exhausted when we could talk. only weekends are worth it. in addition to that-i have no idea what i want to do with my life.

screw it. so much.

good news: the weather's nice today. finally some sunshine.

tomorrow's my birthday. i bet besides reading this no one remembers and the signifigance of it totally dissapears. so much for feeling special anymore =/
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Feb 3, 2007 // 12:21 p]
sometimes i'd just like to be at home.
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if i could tell the world just one thing it would be, we're all ok... [
Jan 21, 2007 // 4:25 p]
what i want:

*some long sleeved shirts.
*flip-flops (i have zero now thanks to puppy).
*for doug to quit smoking.
*to actually sit in a classroom again-no online stuff.
*a job i enjoy. truly.
*warm weather.
*to go swimming.
*to find something in life i'm passionate about (used to be art).
*to move back to fl.
*stop getting sick.
*have a friend call me every once in a while.
*to have a friend...someone to talk to.
*a moes burrito.
*the click 5 cd.
*someone esle to clean up my house.
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show how you miss me but get me to the church on time... [
Sep 23, 2006 // 10:14 p]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

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i'm marrying this amazing boy. seriously.

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everything's better when we're together... [
Aug 18, 2006 // 12:27 p]
[ mood | peaceful ]

so...i don't know if anyone reads the paper or watches the news or gets caught on certain cases that are being publicised, but i'm super interested in this jonbenet ramsey case. and i'm seriously thinking the guy who just came out and said he did it is seriously lying. my money's on someone in her family-specifically her father. i so wish i could be a fly on the wall in that courtroom.

i've also decided that i'm going to research similar cases and get books on subjects in school we weren't allowed to get super deep into because they conflict with things the schoolboard wouldn't let us learn about because of beliefs and different sides of the stories and stuff. those who want to be informed must be educated first, right?

at any rate...that's my ramblings for the day.

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Aug 2, 2006 // 5:43 p]
i have brown hair again.
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stompin' in my air force ones... [
Jul 28, 2006 // 11:30 p]
[ mood | disappointed ]

so an update:

*working at zumiez surf/skate shop and moe's.
*in love.
*best friends with my sister.
*missing high school.
*figuring out how to survive certain things.
*pretty into longboard skateboarding all of a sudden.
*not doing art on a regular basis.
*writing a lot.
*not partying as much as i used to.
*wanting a tattoo (the word 'atlantic' on the back of my left ear).
*craving the beach like something else.
*no more drinking soda.
*learning what 'growing up' means.

how's life?

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i think i've found my new addiction tonite... [
Jul 11, 2006 // 11:47 p]
[ mood | happy ]

so i'm probably the happiest girl in the world.

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the chemistry between us could destroy this place... [
Jun 20, 2006 // 6:09 p]
[ mood | curious ]

first of all-i really like this band. they're really amazing and their lyrics are pretty intense and the music is beautiful to the ear.

chris-i'm really glad you're back and we get to talk and it's open. i've missed that and you're a really great person to have in my life again-yeah, it's a little different but still-i think we're going to be friends for life and i've missed you. thanks for being who you are and there when i've needed you and someone to talk to. you're a champ =)

dougie comes home in 10 days.

i've been thinking a lot lately. a lot.

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he slapped on the shoe polish left and right... [
Jun 10, 2006 // 2:04 p]
[ mood | bubbly ]

drawing fasion designs, painting, laying out, eatin' ice cream to my heart's content, listening to johnny cash and ashlee simpson and talking to dougie.

now THAT'S a good day.

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i know she loves the sunrise... [
Jun 7, 2006 // 11:18 p]
[ mood | content ]

stinky day.
fun for a while.
got to hang out at dougie's with denise and heather.
went out to eat.
left for work.
got hit.
worked late.
i'm tired =/

chris...i'm ready for you to come home.

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as i'm laying here with you... [
Jun 2, 2006 // 5:30 p]
[ mood | chipper ]

beach times 3 since saturday. not too bad. i'm in love with everything right now and i figured for a good laugh i'd put a big picture of me with an alligator thing outside the resturant we ate at last nite up here. hope everyone's summer is going fabulous. OH! and the new paris hilton song...amazing.

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let your conscience breathe-breathe in something better... [
May 26, 2006 // 8:06 p]
[ mood | tired ]


all day surfin' trips make me so tired.

...but they're ALWAYS worth it =)

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